Monday, 25 February 2008

Sutton to be Britain's first zero-carbon suburb

"Sutton Council has set the target of 2025 for Hackbridge to be the world's first sustainable suburb. The Liberal Democrat-run borough already has the UK's largest carbon-neutral eco-community, BedZED.

All homes on the housing development are south-facing, insulated and have solar panels on the roofs, while a heat-and-power plant fuelled by wood chips provides their electricity.
Now councillors want to make the whole borough green. Eco-conscious residents will attend workshops on how they can live more sustainably. Experts will give tips on local flooding and how to reuse rain and waste water and reduce drought effects. Residents will learn how to heat their homes while saving money and reducing CO2 emissions. A waste recycling workshop is already running"

It was great to read about Sutton in the London press and specially because it is a very positive thing they are creating. So far, we have won against the urge to over-develop a countryside area just because there are direct trains to London. And all we have to do is look at how our neighbout Croydon has been transformed into a horrible, pretentious, uncharacteristic mini-metropolis. Crime-riden and dangerous, it has nothing to do with Sutton, even though it takes 7 minutes to reach the other. And I think the biggest asset Sutton has is being run by the Lib Dems. Say what you will, the truth is you read about London and the other Greater London councils and all you can do is smile!
I am very proud of my town!!!!


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