Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The man on the Moon...NOT!

Last Sunday there was a programme on tv called Conspiracy Theories and it was about the moon landing. And after seeing it, I 100% believe man has never been on the moon yet!!!

I know this may come as a shock to people, but after seeing what I saw, I can never believe again in NASA and the US Space Project in general.

During the show they interviewed several people from both sides of the argument, people who were connected to the Apollo missions or people that studied the subject and analysed it deeply. And then there was the spokesman for NASA.

The most interesting person to be interviewed was the Manager of Hasselblad, who personally supervised the usage of 12 cameras fitted to the astronauts' suits. And it was great to see his face when he saw in detail the photos taken and was confronted with some facts he never had thought about.
For a start, people are not aware that the astronauts did not handle the cameras! they were attached to their suits. And there were no flash available.
Now, on the Moon, the only source of light is the Sun. and obviously if you are behind something, you are in deep shadow. So it was great to see him not being able to explain why there are dozens of photos of astronauts coming down from the space ship in its shadow and still completely visible to the last detail! You can even see the United States word perfectly clear!! That is only possible if there was either a flash or a light spot there.

Another piece of film that makes me believe they never landed on the Moon is the flag waving in the air. There is no gravity or air on the Moon, so there is no wind!!

And another thing: when the space ship is filmed reaching the moon, we hear the astronaut counting down quite clearly, but we cannot hear any sound from an otherwise quite loud motor!!!

I could be on and on about it (there are so many things you can see on the photos that show their were photoshopped afterwards), but I rather not.

I have made my decision and as far as I am concerned, the Moon shown in pictures and film is actually a secret area in the Nevada desert. And no one ever has touched the Moon surface.

PS - Next year there are plans from Japan to send a guided ship very close to the moon, to take the closest and most detailed photos ever. If there is no flag, no bits of the space ship and no lunar vehicle, what is NASA going to say afterwards?


CherryBlossom said...

Finalmente alguem que partilha da minha opiniao! A historia do homem na lua é sem duvida a maior mentira de sempre.

Renato said...

mas já 12 americanos aterraram na lua, não foi só daquela famosa 1ª vez em 69.Foi tudo encenado também?


continuo a "preferir" o 9/11 como a melhor conspiração

Lua said...

Epá... a da bandeira realmente apanhou-me! Realmente, não podia estar a voar ao sabor do vento!!!

CITRAG said...

Quando cheguei a Londres em Outbro de 2007, deu esse programa no National Geografic, o resto da noite foi passada na net a procurar mais informações sobre o assunto.

Helena said...

Chego eu aos 31 para isto?!
Agora puseste-me a pensar... tenho conhecimentos de fotografia e aquilo é tudo muito estranho realmente... Daqui a pouco descubro que o Pai Natal não existe e aí vai ser giro...
Aproveito para te felicitar e agradecer pelo blog waskovski.blogspot que já conheço de trás para a frente! Estou quase decidida a dar o salto para Londres com o meu namorado mas estamos ainda na fase de arranjar o tal pé-de-meia que aconselhas!
Apetecia-me fazer 1000 perguntas que nem tenho coragem pois o teu blog está excelente, muito útil mesmo e esclarecedor!
Se eu ganhar coragem chateio-te mais um pouco mas mais lá para a frente.. enquanto não tiver condições para "saltar" é só um sonho ...

Que continue a correr tudo bem contigo! Boa Sorte que bem mereces!
Beijinho tuga

Anonymous said...

What about Sir Richard Branson's comercial trip to the Moon??