Monday, 25 August 2008

Snapshots of a Summer Holiday...

Évora's sun is really hot.

My girl looks great and sexy with curly hair!!

Viana do Alentejo is beautiful and the wedding was a great day out.

Isla Canela is growing every day... but it's still great!

The water was quite cold and there were hundreds of starfish in the sand

Loved the sea diving off Portimao, courtesy of lovely Sammy and her "Bella Azul" motorboat (even though we got drenched in the choppy sea on our way back to Vilamoura!!!

Brown bears also dream.

Ate the best "cataplana" ever, with champagne sangria, on a back road in Olhão.

Melted under Cadiz's hot 40 degrees' sun while looking for the best shrimp-takeaway of the world, which turned out to be 12 kms away, in the next town!!!

It's hard to diet when there are XXL ice cream cones!!

(more photos to be added soon and also on flickr)


Lua said...

Champagne sangria?! Ohhhh

Sempre conseguiste encontrar o bext take away in the world?

Wask said...

claro que sim!!! fui a um mercado perguntar e o rapaz disse que era na cidade ao lado, onde esta cadeia de restaurantes tem mais de cinco diferentes... :)

Simãozinho, o Bife said...

Hehehe. Encontras-te um dos melhores locais para cear em Puerto Santa Maria :) O famoso Romerijo...

Restelo said...

Contudo, eu só regresso a dia 15 de setembro, toma toma!!

Músico Guerreiro aka Melões said...

Isso, isso, comeca a contar os 11 meses, que eu conto os 11 dias! Um a um!

Tuga em Londres said...

Isso é que foram umas belas férias. Esta-me a apetecer ir de férias novamente.