Thursday, 18 September 2008

Fashion celebrities are so overated!!!

Just arrived from here:

... and I am very disappointed after seeing those paper celebrities in the flesh.

Pamela Anderson looked like a mini-fridge, all dressed in white. She is quite tiny, with huge hips and massive airbags!! But not as tiny as Dita Von Teese. The woman is a porcelain doll!!! In huge high heels she hardly reached above my chin (I'm 5'7) and was so full of white powder that looked like she fell into a bag of flour on her way in!!!

The horribles were all there too. Alfie Allen & Jamie Winstone and ugly Pixie Geldof, to name but a few... I can't understand why these people are invited to these shows! They do not dress those clothes! I can still see Kimberley Stewart, Erin O'Connor or Mylene Klass wearing a frock or two from the Punk Dame, but Emma Watson? Pixie? Jamie? There must have been a shortage of real celebrities in London this evening!!!
Just look at Vivienne Westwood's front row in Paris next month and compare with this one today and it shows "the power" of London Fashion Week... it makes me laugh so much...

... But not as much as I laughed with the man dressed as a grizzly bear and mini-skirt siting next to Mylene and Erin. He must have been roasting inside!!! ahahahahahahahah


Lua said...

A Dita mais pequena do que eu?!!! A sério?

Boo said...

Lindo, pelo algum homem neste homem ja se apercebe que a pamela anderson nao e assim tao boa...e isso que pensas nao e amor??? :/