Monday, 15 September 2008

The postman that never knocks brought me some goodies!!!

This week I'm very happy with my postman! I can almost forgive him for not knocking and just leaving stuff outside the door, where everyone can just walk by, take it, and I will never know it got delivered!!

But this week I am happy!! This week he left a package outside my door without knocking (on saturday, when we were both inside!!), but I don't care...

He delivered my Amazon US DVDs that I ordered two weeks ago, and this after Amazon US told me it would take 8 weeks to deliver!!! I have them! They arrived! They are here!

And the most brilliant part? I can watch them on Maria's laptop!!!! How amazing is that? I didn't even know her laptop reads Region 1 dvds... but now I know... and they are cheap in the States...
(do you see where this is going? :P )

Anyway, did I ever tell you I love obscure movies? No? I must have! No? Are you sure? Well, if you say so! I LOVE OBSCURE MOVIES!!! not snuff movies, weird ones, little gems few people have ever heard of, the back catalogue of the back catalogue... Everytime Maria wants to see a dvd, it is fun to watch her go over all the ones we have here and ask if that one she has in her hand is "one of mine"...

So I am over the moon about the arrival of my latest aquisitions, no less than 16 60's and 70's little gems that were cult classics in deep America's Drive-In Cinemas!! It even includes The Van, Wild Riders and Malibu High!!! I am so gonna enjoy watching these soon!!!!

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