Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Things that make you go "WHAT THE F**K?"

This weekend I decided I needed a new pair of trousers.
So we went to our local Primark (I am not rich and I do love the cut on their trousers) and selected a lovely pair and also the loveliest jacket I have seen for ages.

We joined the queue to pay and in from of us was a young African mother. We had already notice her presence in the store because she was wondering around with 3 noisy kids and an adult friend, shouting in Portuguese (with an African accent).

Anyway, I noticed she didn't have any clothes on her in the queue, but thought that the kids were just trying them and would join her eventually.
My mistake!!! When it was time for her to pay, she presented the shop saleswoman with the price tags ripped of from the clothes!!!! And the saleswoman accepted them and proceeded with the sale!!!!

We were completely astonished that someone would just rip the price tags from the clothes, and specially that someone would accept that at the till!!! Who was to say she would just go out with different clothes than the ones she pretended to buy????


Sofia said...

What the f*ck!!

cris said...

????? mas onde estavam as roupas??? vestidas??
realmente não entendo como pode alguem aceitar as etiquetas sem ver a roupa??!!!