Saturday, 6 September 2008

Titifreak @ Wardour Street

Sorry for the delay in updating, but there just hasn't been enough exciting/interesting things happening which are worth reporting.

But Thursday I was invited by the O Contemporary Gallery to attend the private view of Brazilian graffiti artist TITIFREAK's first venture into London's scene.

I like Titifreak's work (even though he is not my favourite Brazilian artist) and was glad to see his stuff hanging in London walls. As always, prices were outrageous, which made me start thinking about how much are the canvas I own worth!?

I don't have a lot of them, ten at most, but all of them are painted by world renowned graffiti artists, who were kind enough to paint blank canvas for me as a thank you for inviting them to paint walls in Lisbon in events I organized.
I wonder the value they now have...

Banksy made the general public wake up to the wonders of graffiti/street art, and for the past two or so years I have seen the prices of canvas rise to sums I never though possible when I started documenting it in Lisbon.

Last month I went to the Stolen Space Gallery to see an exhibition where a good friend of mine had a canvas featured. His name is Vhils and he is a young kid from Almada that I consider to be a street art visionary. Anyway, his canvas costed £5,000 and was sold! Never would that be possible if he had stayed in Portugal!

I may be already rich without knowing!!!


Lua said...

What's priceless is that you have helped many of them. Don't forget that :)

Anonymous said...

rich?! how long does it take you to realise that you already are?

Restelo said...

num gosto