Saturday, 4 October 2008

A lazy saturday.. I blame the margaritas!!!!

It was never going to be a busy start of the weekend, specially with the rain forecasted. Going out sightseeing was also out of the question, with that british rule of having to pay to park until 6.30pm Saturdays (why????).

So we set off for our local high street to renew the wardrobe and ended up finishing a little after 3pm. Since we were already out, why not have lunch out? I decided to choose the local mexican, just to find out it closes between 3 and 5pm (!!!! siesta???). My brain was already set on Aztec time, so Maria suggested the mexican at Epsom, where she used to go with her colleagues. After grabing the car and leaving the bags home, we made our way to "Los Amigos". What a wonderful meal we had!!! and the Margarita pitcher was soooooo good!!!!

After such a rich meal there was no way we were going to do anything else in the afternoon, so we just stayed cosy in the sofa watching football on the internet (me, of course) and NCIS on tv (Maria, of course!!).

Tomorrow, weather permiting, we will explore a bit more our surroundings...

PS - After listening to the Barcelona x Atletico Madrid on Spanish National Radio while watching on Iraq Cable TV (6-1, by the way!), I will never ever say a bad word against our sports' radio journalists!! They are awful!!!!


Lua said...

Weather permitting?!!!

Poor you then...

Update us on the shopping list, though! Don't be selfish and keep it all to yourself (and for...)

Boo said...

Pela primeira vez consegui mostrar ao vasco um restaurante que so eu conhecia e que era bom, e para quem o conhece sabe que e dificil!
O como sempre!
Ele esqueceu se tambem de dizer que comemos um pote de "Cookies and Cream"!