Monday, 6 October 2008

Press release

The big news today...

- The Saatchi Gallery, now on Kings Road, will finaly reopen Thursday with a huge exhibition on modern Chinese art.
- Easyjet had 86.9% of its planes full last month, making it number one in the UK.
- The Sugababes are switching on Oxford Street Christmas light on 12th November
- After 35 years of trading, Pizza Hut will change its name to Pasta Hut. They are also bringing a healthier menu
- Pamela Anderson celebrated Playboy's Hugh Hefner's 82nd birthday completely naked while carrying the birthday cake. The images were broadcasted yesterday on the new series of "Girls of the Playboy Mansion" but Pam's body was completely airbrushed, making her look like an alien...

... and I joined the gym! :)


Restelo said...

Pizza nem é das piores comidas, o problema é q na PH eles "fritam" a massa porque enchem aquilo de óleo.

Tuga em Londres said...

A pizza hut vai mudar o nome para pasta hut?? Isso vai tirar todo a logica da pizza hut. Mudando o nome vao ter que mudar o menu para ser especializado em pastas em vez de pizzas, e as pessoas vao deixar de pensar na pizza hut como o primeiro nome que lhes vem á cabeca quando lhes apetecer comer uma pizza. Enfim,... eles la sabem se isso sera mesmo melhor para o negocio.