Saturday, 29 November 2008

Christmas wishlist...

I was not going to make a wishlist for this Christmas, but since she started doing one and lots of people offered to buy her things from it, I decided to have a go and see where that leads me :)

In no particular order:

This, to entertain my friends when they visit

Two weeks holiday here

Any one of these (but specially the Spine Mid Velcro or the Scarred Street Mid)

This one... or this one...

This, to get the party started

To start being a punk-rock star

... and please! If you can't buy me these, do not replace them with chocolate, boxers or socks, ok?


Tuga em Londres said...

Ahh, eu tb quero umas férias nas Maldivas!!

jojo said...

If you want to give Vasco some chocolates, have them sent to me instead. I'm not fussy:D
No boxers or socks, thanks:D