Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Portugal looses more than half million people by 2050

According to a report for the UN, Portugal will have less 700,000 people by the time we reach 2050, staying at 10 million habitants.

This trend is in clear opposition to what will happen in other European countries, such as Spain, UK or France, which expect their population to grow.

The Uk will actually be the country with the biggest growth in the next 40 years, reaching 67 millions in 2050.

What the report doesn't mention are the causes for this decline, wether it's less births than deaths or imigration trends.


jojo said...

em 2050 Portugal terá 10m de habitates e o UK 7.7m?
Pensei que Londres sozinha tivesse mais que isso.
Ou o uk vai ter ainda mais 7.7m de habitantes?

Wask said...

por acaso eram 67 milhoes.. foi gralha minha!!!

Restelo said...

Por acaso é pena não explicarem porquê...

Anonymous said...

Para quem mora em Portugal, não é dificil adivinhar a razão. Condições. Ah pois, elas diminuem de ano para ano.
Good luck.