Thursday, 6 November 2008

TH.2058 by Dominique Gonzales-Foerster

This evening I had a meeting scheduled with Sanne and Bart from Spotted by Locals and our rendez-vous was the entrance to the Tate Modern.
I arrived 30 minutes earlier and decided to wander around. I had completely forgotten that Doris' fracture was no longer lying on the floor and a new Unilever series had been instaled. To tell you the truth, after seeing it, I remembered I actually had heard about it and had even seen photos of it when it opened, but for some strange reason, my brain had completely wiped out the Tate Modern from my scheduled stops in months to come (now that I think about it, I must have lost a good bunch of exhibitions in the last few months - must recharge my PDA and use it more often to plan these things!).

What seems like a giant spider dominates Turbine Hall, standing majestic above hundreds of blue and yellow iron bunk beds. In most of them, open books, left as if their readers had to go in a hurry. Among the beds, a skeleton of a giant carnivore, still in its ferocious position of attack, testimony of an anihilating apocalypse that surely caught it by surprise.
A giant screen plays a strange film. I can recognize scenes from Planet of the Apes and Solaris, mixed with abstract sequences...

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