Friday, 5 December 2008

"Skins & Punks" by Gavin Watson

Today at lunchtime I went to see the "Skins & Punks Exhibition", which opened last night on a side street off Carnaby Street (where else?).

Even though there aren't that many photos on display - the book seems to be excellent, though - it was great to take a step back in time to when the Skins and Mods ruled the streets, and check this collection of never before seen pictures.

Photographer Gavin Watson, together with Daydream Network "The Lost Archives 1978 – 1985", documents his own journey through late 1970’s London.

Be sure not to miss it until 15th December at 3 Lowndes Court , off Carnaby Street. It is open daily from 11am -7pm. It costs absolutely nothing, so when the Christmas shopping gets too much on your nerves, pop in to have a look.

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