Monday, 8 December 2008

Stranger in a strange land makes for weird decisions?

What is it with some tourists that even when away from home cannot stop thinking they are home?
I have seen it so many times that it became a universal rule to me: Spanish people always buy Spanish products, wherever they may be in the world!
They can't help it! They see a Zara and immediately think there is a countryman there to help them buy that jacket they don't need! They see a Camper shop and they have to come out of there with a new pair of shoes they have no desire for! They have such a "fish out of water" syndrome in them that they cannot stay away more than 2 metres from the other 20 Spanish people travelling with them!

I just wonder what they say to their friends when they get back. "Hola Juan, let me show you the wonderful pair of jeans I bought at the Desigual shop on Regent Street. They are so great! And I only paid 3 times as much as if I had bought it in Spain!" Because that is the bottom line: There is NO WAY they buy that stuff here cheaper than in Spain! So why do they buy it?

Before you start to acuse me of being anti-Spanish with this post, my purpose is to actually tell you I have been watching the same trend develop with another group of tourists: Japanese!
Every day I pass by A Bathing Ape shop, there is a Japanese individual inside buying some stuff. Every single day! A Bathing Ape is Japanese, for crying out loud! It's imported over here! There is NO WAY it is cheaper than in Japan!

So why do they do it?


Restelo said...

It's a severe condition called "Lack of Brain Function"!

Argonauta said...

Home sick? Ou então é só pura calhar ia para a segunda...