Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Ramblings about work, London, life...

- I love walking through London at 8.30am;

- There are still hundreds of people that cringe and seriously think about moving seats when the person sitting next to them on a train sneezes;

- Londoners were waiting for the sun to wear their most fashionable clothes;

- The majority of people working in the same building as I do (and there are lots) close the window shutter to be in near complete darkness;

- The first thing I do when I get to work is to fully open the shutter and enjoy the London skyline (even though there is really not much to see);

- The best thing I like about my job? the lunch menu!

- I am being lazy about booking the new darts competiton (but will do it this weekend);

- I am looking forward to photographing London this Saturday (anyone wanna join me?);

- I am looking forward to August and the joy it will bring;

- I am looking forward to the joys that life brings;


Anonymous said...

I am also in this lovely mood, in which (just like you) I am looking forward to the joys that life brings :) (whatever they are)! And yes, I am sure we are talking about different things ;), but that is not the point :)!


Anonymous said...

Can I go?

Lua said...

Good mood, i see :)

As for photographing i would love it but i really, really (read really!!!) need to start reading stuff for my project (that hasn't started yet but that is beside the point...). Anything in particular that you want to photograph?

MS said...

Thank you for your recent visit to my space. We can never know for sure the reach of our writing. Lets write, then. For the sake of it.

All the best.

Wask said...

Tenho que tirar umas fotos para o London Spotters e como tenho de levar a menina de manha para a universidade (tem aula o dia inteiro) nao me apetece voltar para casa para depois a ir buscar. assim vou andar pela cidade. wanna come?

Lua said...

Acho que não posso :( A sogra quer se encontrar com a gente e depois tenho mesmo de ler uns artigos :( Mas diverte-te!!!

Tuga em Londres said...

It made me curious. Whats so special about your lunch menu at work then? They have a canteen there with English food or..? What about the darts competition? The weekend has gone and you haven't booked it yet (am I not nice to put pressure on people like this?).
Did you take some good photos on the weekend?
Joys in life? Oh I am looking forward for my joys in life to come (I am thinking about 3 types of joy in particular). Hope I will succeed to make them arrive sooner rather than later.