Monday, 22 October 2007

Ainda o Campeonato do Mundo de Rugby - Algo para pensar...

"In South Africa we are greatful for any positive news.
We hardly get to hear any - anymore.

At the end of the day, the England team and supporters go home to a realtively well run country, wihtout the fear of not knowing if tomorrow is the day you are shot dead in your home or driveway.

South Africa on the other hand, comes home victors - yes - but to a country which is morally, ethically and economically dead - along with its innocent victims of crime and aids.
Something our President isn't willing to do anything about.

I would swop with any Englsih supporter today.

Posted by: C.Walden"

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Cromossoma X said...

Desculpa, tenho andado tão ocupada que mal tenho ligado ao meu blog, aos outros blogs e aos comentários que me deixam.Obrigada pela preferencia :)

Recomendo mesmo a visita ao dentista do Guy´s, quase terapia :)