Sunday, 21 September 2008

Dover & Ramsgate

One of the best advantages of owning a car is that you no longer need to feel trapped at home during weekends, or have to rely on the unreliable National Rail network to go somewhere sightseeing. You just have to fill it up with petrol (specially now that it reached its cheapest price this year - £1.119/litre here where I live...) and you're off!!!

Saturdays are not a very good day to sightsee, just because parking is still paid everywhere you go, so Sundays are so much better!!! Today we decided to explore new surroundings, and headed down to the Kent coast. Destination: Dover!
I wanted to see the world famous white cliffs, but was a bit disappointed with the town itself. It looks like a ghost town!!! There are more boarded up buildings and shops than the ones open!! I knew Dover was a little like the Spanish town of Algeciras, where the port is its main feature and people use the town just to cross to the other side of the channel, but I never thought it could be so deserted!!!

After lunch, we decided to take a look at the Dover Museum. The £2.50 entrance fee seemed cheap, but to tell you the truth, there is nothing much to see inside. The Museum is dedicated, in its 85%, to the discovery of a Bronze Age boat when they were building a viaduct. The boat takes centre stage in the second floor but everything else is quite boring...

After a stroll alongside the Esplanade, we decided to drive along the coast, reaching Ramsgate. And what a difference!!!! Also with a port for channel crossing ships, Ramsgate looks like Cannes when it was first discovered!! Lovely promenades, beautiful architecture, a delight of a little town!! I surely will go there next Summer, when it must be buzzing!!!

Here are a few pics...


Boo said...

The first photo is mine!!
The houses and the varandas in Ramsgate were soo pretty!

Tuga em Londres said...

Totally agree. I also was a bit dissapointed with Dover. Not much to see around there. But I did enjoy Ramsgate as well. A lot more lively and nice beach front.