Thursday, 9 October 2008

Gym report - Day 1

Sorry if I am boring you all to death with my gym posts, but the reality is that nothing too exciting is happening at work at the moment, anything worth reporting anyway...

Yesterday was my first day at Cannons and I loved it!
We had been members of a small gym above Clapham Junction train station last year but for some reason or other, we decided to call it a day when we found ourselves paying and coming up with excuses not to go. The gym was always full and you are supposed to relax after work, not stress and rush to grab the last bike or cross-trainer machine!!

Now it is completely different!! Not only the gym is better, but because I use it past 7pm, it is almost empty! There are 10 bikes and yesterday I was the only one in them!!
Having a swimming pool is also a major plus! I can't think of how long it has been since I swam as a regular basis! It takes me back to my teenage years, spending Saturday morning pilling on lenghts in Sport Lisboa e Benfica's pool.

I am completely rusty! I was huffing and puffing after the first 100 metres! I couldn't believe how out of shape I am!

I had the first meeting with my personal trainer and had my programme designed. I weigh 74Kg (my God!!!!!!!) and my goal is to go back to my normal 67Kg and shape my body at the same time. So that means bike, treadmill and cross-trainer for a good hour, followed by muscle building/shaping machines and pool to finish. Occasional body combat classes will also be taken. I expect to be dead tired in the first week, but I know it will be worth it!

I also decided to cut completely with drinking beer/alcohol and reduce drastically the intake of cookies/sweets. Those who know me know it will be very very hard to keep this!!! :)
I am also reducing the portions of food I put on my plate and trying to eat more vegetables than anything else.

Let's see how this works out...


Boo said...

Lol, i have to cook it, havent i??
I think the worse will be the cookies and bread, this man will eat his diner and go to the kitchen and grab a ****ing cookie! Like, how hungry can he be!

Renato said...

i am sitting at the same weight as you (74kg, 1 70 m !) and also feeling totally rusty...

the difference is , the will power to change this isn't here yet.

also my sweet tooth and beer drinking can only make it worse

Restelo said...

I wish you the best of luck! Taking care of our health is really important!

Fitness said...

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Tuga em Londres said...

Bem, isso já parece daquelas revisões de ano novo de ir ao ginásio, deixar de beber, comer menos e mais saudável,... Não é para te desanimar, mas essas mudanças drásticas geralmente não dão muito certo porque o teu corpo e mente não se vao sentir bem com uma mudança tão brusca se fizeres as coisas mesmo como dizes. Claro que há sempre excepções, mas geralmente se, em vez de cortares com tudo e ir ao ginásio todos os dias, etc., começares por cortar num bocado de alcool, ir ao ginásio um número especifico de vezes à semana - tipo 3 vezes - assim levas as coisas com mais calma e o teu corpo começa-se a habituar ao novo estilo de vida.

[Cassandra] said...

Tudo depende de cada qual. É como deixar de fumar: há quem precise dos pensos, há quem deixe aos poucos e há quem deixe de um dia para o outro. Cada qual conhece o seu corpo como ninguém.
Assim que começares a sentir o corpo moído, tens de manter é o mesmo espírito e coragem para não esmoreceres e pensares "esta semana não, que me dói tudo; para a semana que vem logo volto." Isso é que não pode ser. É preciso é criar o tal ritmo. Não significa de facto que seja todos os dias, mas é preciso obrigar a mente a pensar de forma saudável e passares a sentir uma necessidade vital, como respirar, em ires praticar exercício e em comeres bem.

Eu estou deserta de ir para um ginásio também para fazer o mesmo. Perder peso e tonificar.