Sunday, 12 October 2008

Things I have learned this weekend

- The Vasco da Gama greasy-spoon off South Lambeth Road is no more! Now it's a fancy posh-ish restaurant that doubles as the London branch of Madeira's Nacional Futebol Clube. And the food is yummiiiiiiii!
- The Florence Nightingale Museum is located in the car park of the St Thomas' Hospital near Embankment Bridge. It costs £5.80 to get in and I am not that sure it is worth it. (I decided not to go!).
- the new look of Spitalfields Market is five star!!!!!
- London is still the best place in the world to surprise your family and friends.

... and if you pray really hard, you get a sunny weekend like this one!!!!!


living in london said...

os teus familiares devem ter ficado radiantes com o tempo que esteve nestes dias,já viste que sortudos.esteve óptimo para passear.

Lua said...

It was fab, wasn't it?

Tuga em Londres said...

Ahh, eu bem me parecia. No fim-de-semana passado eu fui jantar a esse restaurante novo e quando saí de lá fiquei para jurar que ali é que era o vasco da Gama, e lá está, acabaste de confirmar essa minha dúvida.