Friday, 12 December 2008

A sad day for photography lovers...

It’s official: Polaroid will stop manufacturing instant film at end of year.

The firm is closing factories in Massachusetts (USA), Mexico and the Netherlands, after the digital age left almost no market for the film. Polaroid stopped making the instant cameras themselves about a year ago. It now focuses on other ventures which include a portable printer for mobile phone images, and Polaroid-branded digital cameras.

According to the website,"Due to marketplace conditions, Polaroid had discontinued almost all of its cameras and made the difficult decision to cease manufacturing of instant film products in 2008".

Polaroid say the latest date of expiration for its instant film will be in September 2009.

After that date, a Polaroid photo will be just a rememberance of the past!

(seen here)


[Cassandra] said...


Argonauta said...

Muito triste esta notícia mesmo. À dias em discussão com o Zé, ficamos ambos na esperança que alguém apareça e continue a produzir filme para Polaroids...a ver vamos.

jojo said...

não sei se ja conheces este site:


Lua said...

Que triste :(

Joe said...

Yes, Polaroid has discontinued manufacturing their camera and film; however, these items are still in distribution and will likely continue to be available!

I’ve stumbled on a few sites who are finding creative ways of keeping Polaroid alive. This site in particular:, which in addition to offering albums that accommodate Polaroid pictures, also has Polaroid’s Classic Camera and 600 film readily available for rent and sale.

I’ve stocked up on the film and have stored them in my refrigerator (as suggested on every box of Polaroid film) which will extend the expiration date well past September 2009.