Thursday, 11 December 2008

Sipping wine underneath London

Ever thought about escaping the cold London evenings and enjoy a glass or a bottle of fine wine underneath London? I did it yesterday and it was amazing!

Walking down Villiers Street (from the Strand to Embankment tube station, right next to Charing Cross Station), you would think number 42 was an abandoned old pub that has seen its glory days. Walk down the narrow staircase and you are in for a wonderful surprise. You have just entered Gordon's Wine Bar, in fact the oldest London wine bar. The bar maintains its originality, completely unchanged since last century, which means you can sit at a candle-lit table in the old cellar. Just mind your head when you get in! Amazing!!!

I went there yesterday after work for a meet-and-greet of the Spotted by Locals website, to which I am now formarly a writer. Ben and Phoebe are also new to it and it was great fun. The wine list is amazing and not expensive at all!!!

Try it on a cold night!


Cromossoma X said...

ohhh isto tem "cara" de fixe!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Marshmallow said...

Parece mesmo um daqueles segredos bem guardados, hum...Para experimentar!! :))