Friday, 23 January 2009

Confessions of an angry traveller

My journey to work is pretty straight forward: 40 minutes on a Southern train northbound, then three stops on the District Line eastbound and finally two stops on the Bakerloo Line northbound. In total, 60 minutes (give or take 1 or 2...).

This week I decided to try out a different route. I caught the First Capital westbound to Wimbledon, then the South West northbound to Waterloo and finally the Bakerloo Line three stops northbound.

In total, and even though the first part of the journey actually sends me further away from London, it took my less than 50 minutes to arrive! And this happens even though there are exactly the same amount of stops on both ways... 13!

But even though it's quicker, there are some upsets throughout.
And all of them happen at Wimbledon Station!

I can't believe that station is not prepared for the amount of people that use it! Platform 8 gets so full of commuters leaving the First Capital train that its impossible for people to walk down the stairs to get on it or to get the Tram to Croydon! You actually spend 4 or 5 minutes to climb up 20 steps!

Then, when you reach platform 5 to catch the South West to Waterloo, you get the same problem! There are so many people leaving that train that you have to wait a couple of minutes to get in... and then the stupid platform people start ordering for the door to close even when there are people wanting to get out... let alone me and hundreds more trying to get in!!!

You would think they would have some consideration and actually wait for everyone to get out and people get in before ordering the train to leave the station... oh but no! It's better to watch everyone squeezing themselves inside like sheep escaping an hungry fox!

I am not impressed!


Restelo said...

Eu fico espantada é que há pessoas que apanhem o metro em Wimbledon. Aquilo não é só ricaços?

Wask said...

Nem pensar... como a estação de metro de Wimbledon é a que mais a sul está localizada, não fazes ideia da quantidade de gente que vem de mais a sul e sai em Wimbledon para entrar na rede de metro... Parece um mar de gente por aquelas 9 plataformas acima, todos a caminhar para a plataforma do metro...