Friday, 23 January 2009

New life-threatening bugs?

Is the world under threat from unknown, life-threatening bugs and diseases?

First it was reported TV presenter Ben Fogle was seriously ill after he was bitten by a flesh-eating bug while filming in the South American jungle. He has since recovered but he had a painful, inch-wide hole in his forearm!

But now comes news of Brasilian model Mariana Bridi da Costa, a candidate for Miss World, that just had her arms and legs amputated because of a severe urinary infection!
Ms Brindi da Costa's boyfriend Thiago Simoes, told the G1 news website she fell ill on December 30 and was initially diagnosed with kidney stones. She returned to hospital for tests and was eventually found to be suffering from a potentially fatal bacterial infection. By then it was too late to save the 20-year-old model's hands and feet.

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