Sunday, 31 May 2009

Because it's Sunday and the sun is shinning...

... I really really wanted to be having a barbecue afternoon like I used to prepare for the kids back in 1991, with lots of burgers, sausages and corn on the cob, drinking pimm's and ice with my good friends from yesterday and revisiting great tracks on the stereo.

I guess we need to get together more, guys and gals!

Written while listening to The White Stripes - Hotel Yorba (a great song to listen while stretching in the sun!!!)


Anonymous said...

I agree with that :)! We need to get together more often :)!

PS-The naked girl is now on top of us ;)! (Meaning, on top of the list of blogs!). Oh dear! ;)))

Lua said...

I so agree with that!!!

Your barbebue is at mine's :) And i definitely think we should use it soon!

Pedro Silva said...

Oh man, one guy gets some sunny days and forgets to check the posts and this is what it gets. A missed chance to get to know these Portuguese bloggers that helped me to kick-start my life in London. Well, maybe next time, if there is still a spot open for one more ;)

Músico Guerreiro aka Melões said...

Estou a espera desse BBQ entao.
foi uma tarde muito bem passada. Obrigado.

Tuga em Londres said...

Definitely more get togethers like the one on saturday would be very welcome!!