Sunday, 31 May 2009

The first picnic of the year

Those of you who are looking forward to this post to find out how their place in the Darts' Championship Ranking stands are going to be very disappointed... there were no darts yesterday!
Not because we didn't want to (ok, this is a lie, as you will find out if you continue to read), but because the selected pub changed management one month ago and it looks like the former owner took the board with him.
The fact is, there was never going to be a darts' championship yesterday! We started the day by having a picnic in Kensington Gardens (I still believe that area is still called Hyde Park, but then again I may be wrong) and it was such a lovely day and we felt so good with eachothers company that by 3pm Filipa and me decided to go to the pub and convince all the others waiting there to come back with us to the green grass nearby.
And so, we welcomed a few new faces to our already broad group of Portuguese londoners. We sincerely hope you now start to become a regular feature in our get-togethers (and I promise to email more than once in a month, ok?)

Sorry for the lack of photos on this one, but both me and the mrs were really lazy to take the cameras out of our bags, but snoop around our friends' blogs and you will find plenty of snap-shots of yesterday.


Lua said...

The naked woman disappeared!!!

Anonymous said...

Pois é, a mulher nua desapareceu...já posso ler o teu blog no trabalho ;)! Hihihihi

Kensington Gardens fazia originalmente parte do Hyde Park. Mas historicamente foi "separado":

ADOREI o picnic e estar com vocês todos :)! Temos de repetir mais vezes!


Músico Guerreiro aka Melões said...

rapaz, tens razao. Os Kensington Gardens so comeccam depois dos lagos ao fim do Serpentine que estavam ali a uns poucos metros de nos, por isso estavamos no Hyde Park.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sim! De facto, os Kensington Garden e o Hyde Park sao separados pelo canal de agua chamado The Long Water, e pela serpentine Bridge, etc. Nos entramos pelos Kensington Garden (vindos do metro)e se tivessemos virado a direita (onde estava a estatua dos ursinhos e as fontes) entao tinhaos ficado nos Kensington Garden. Mas como viramos a esquerda entao ficamos em Hyde Park :)! Ficamos mesmo na fronteira :)))!! Muito bem senhor Wask ;)!