Friday, 30 January 2009

Darts Championship starts tomorrow

Never mind the Russian-like snow blizzards expected for this weekend! Tomorrow starts our very own Darts Championship.
I think there won't be a massive turnout for this first one, but that's the winter blues for you. The ones who decide to come down to Wapping will surely have loads of fun.

The rendez-vous is booked for 3pm and hopefully no one will be using the darts board and we can immediately start training, and then go for the championship event.

I think we will play 301, which makes it more entertaining and less dull. First person to get 301 wins, and the rest will have their points deducted. For example, if someone gets 301, their final score will be ZERO. If another person had done 246, will get a final score of -55, and so forth...
We will do two or three rounds (depending of the amount of people actually coming) and then do the average and calculate it from there...

Here is the address again:
Turner's Old Star
14 Watts Street
London E1W 2QG

Once again I remind everyone there is no East London tube at the moment, so the closest station is the DLR at Shadwell.

See you all tomorrow!!!!!

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