Thursday, 29 January 2009

Lust For Life... Insurance?

I know sometimes the advertising industry goes for celebrities to pitch their products and make the common mortal choose that brand instead of their competitors'.
It happens over and over again, and I shouldn't be surprised. There's Girls Aloud for Kit Kat, Kerry Katona for Iceland and a few TV stars for Morrisons.

But what if the commercial cringes you and makes you want to throw the TV set out of the window? Surely the decision makers can see what a bad celebrity plug is!! Surely the esure guys know people cannot stand the image and voice of Michael Winner... or the vision of Bruce Willis, Elle MacPherson or Alice Cooper convincing you it was a good idea for Norwich Union to change their name to Aviva. And what about those appaling Country Life Butter ads featuring original punk rebel Johnny Rotten? Simply ideous!!!

But the worst of all has to be Iggy Pop shufling insurance down our throats!!! What were they thinking???


Boo said...

That in some weird way, that i cant imagine: he's cool??? And people would like to follow him?

yui said...

I regularly visit your blog.
Keep on challenging!

Lua said...

I can't understand either unless it's just a horrible analogy between speedy insurance and ADHD (which iggy appears to have)... but anyway...

Lids said...

Olá Wask!

Infelizmente ainda não vai ser desta que podemos conhecer mais pessoal dos blogs. Vou ter uma entrevista no Sábado e a Kate trabalha ao fim de semana. De qualquer maneira vou continuar de olho no teu blog, como sempre, para logo que dê nós nos juntarmos ao grupo.
Divirtam-se muito no Sábado!!!!

Anonymous said...

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