Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The start of January's movie marathon...

... was yesterday. And what a great start it was!

If ever there is a feel-good movie around, this has got to be it. Great performance by Ricky Gervais, in what was an excellent casting decision!!
PS - January is also the month for TV channels to air their best series on prime time. Today FIVE starts the new season of CSI Las Vegas (will it be the last, now that Grissom's William Petersen is replaced with Lawrence Fishburne after the first 10 episodes?). Skins Season 3 starts on E4 on the 22nd and the long awaited Season 5 of LOST on the 25th on Sky1.


Boo said...

Em bom calao, caguei-me a rir com este filme, e girissimo e vale mesmo a pena ver, deixa-vos mesmo com bom espirito!

Músico Guerreiro aka Melões said...

ok, nao tem nada com o post, mas quando e que comeca la aquela coisa dos dardos ou setas? estamos a espera.
Abraco e um excelente ano.