Sunday, 11 January 2009

Two things to (really) look forward in January

Without trying to copy her idea, I thought you would like to know two little things happening in London this month, things that I am really looking forward to:

- Cirque du Soleil has been a London feature as Big Ben! Every year they settle here to present one of their touring productions. I am a big fan! I've seen four of their shows... I've even seen Alegria twice. And now they return with Quidam. I have already seen it, but at the time they made it specially for big tents. I saw it inside Battersea Power Station!! It was amazing!! Now they transformed the show for indoor arenas and so, on the 4th anniversary of my arrival in London, me and Maria will make our familiar walk to the Royal Albert Hall and watch those wonderful performers.
I think you can still find tickets for the London performances, and after that they will tour the UK. Grab those while you can! It's so worth it!

- The Tate Triennial is starting!!! And it will be amazing!! For starters, Nicolas Bourriaud is curating it! He is the co-founder of Paris' Palais de Tokyo and that means alter-modernism at its best!! The Triennial starts at the Tate Britain from 3rd February, but keep an eye on the Tate website, because January is packed full of pre-show events and exhibitions!!!

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Anonymous said...

olha que eu até ia contigo!!! adorei o Quidam,vim da la maravilhada!

beijoca! espero que tenham chegado bem!!!!